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My dad was born and raised in Salina. My first memories of Salina are visiting the Cozy Inn as a kid. I thought it then and still think it know that the Cozy is the greatest burger on Earth. I don't get back to Salina as much as I would like but when I do I never leave with out a cooler full of Cozys. I look forward to bringing my daughters to Salina one day and letting them sit at the counter and enjoy the same experience that my Grandfather, Father and myself have enjoyed over the years. Thanks for the memories.
James Mentgen
James Mentgen <>
Dallas', TX USA - Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 11:15:07 (EST)


Wow...The Cozy cool is that?!

My name is Dan Jordan. I was born in Emporia, KS and learned about Cozies from my Dad (from Abeline... his Dad owned the Abilene Daily Reflector Newpaper), and also from my brother (born in Salina).... they absolutely would drive any distance (and did many times) to grab 2 or three dozen cozies, a cold "pop" and some good conversation. 
I tasted my first "Cozy" in 1963 (aged 6) while traveling to Calfornia (our new home).... the next time I made it through Salina was in 1975. After graduation, the family drove there to visit relatives.... the same taste, unique fragrance and the little white building was there.... my last visit was in 1989 while singing in Kansas City, Mo we made a side trip to visit my hometown, and of course.... bags of cozies!!!  
My Dad and brothers (now both deceased), loved your burgers (as do I).... my brother once bought 7 dozen on his way back to California after visting relatives..... put them on dry ice and kept munching them with his family all the way to Las Vegas.... he kept one the steamed onion smell bags.... at his funeral, this bag was one of the many momentos of his life which was on display.
All of my family were born in Kansas. My dad coached and umpired baseball in Salina, Emporia, Abeline, Gypsum, Dodge City, and Topeka.
My family is planning a trip through Salina, and yes, my kids will continue the tradition of the "cozy burger" for generations to come. A truly unique piece of Americana....long live the Cozy Inn and the world's most perfect burger. "wrap me up 6 dozen.....I'm drooling for a taste of those little marvels!"
Check out our website....we'd love to sing for you in Salina!
Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan <>
Glendale, CA USA - Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 12:54:54 (EDT)


I used to get Cozy's a few years ago with a quick trip from Abilene to Salina.
Now I miss them since I am in Kansas City.
I think it is wonderful that I can order such succulent burgers by mail.
I am looking forward to the one of a kind, melt in your mouth, taste. KEEP IT UP!!!
Genny Butler
Genny Butler <>
Kansas City, KS USA - Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 23:49:40 (EDT)



I wrote this jingle over at the Boyle's house while reflecting upon visits to the Cozy Inn.

Cozy Jingle

If you're in a hurry
For a one-of-a-kind food,
Don't get in a furry
Cozy Inn will put you in the mood!

They look so simple
Like just another burger hut,
But take one bite
and you'll feel the goodness in your gut!

So your worried about the smell
That fills up your nozy?
Just use our walk up window
At your very own Salina Cozy!

Mmmmm, I love Cozy's!
They really hit the spot,
Mmmmm, I love Cozy's!
The best thing Salina's got!
Sara Haworth <>
Salina, KS USA - Monday, January 12, 2004 at 15:16:12 (EST)


The Cozy Inn rocks. I love you guys. That smell just makes me tear up, literally. Yours hamburgers are by far the greatest in the county, and I will always come to your place when I'm cravin' some good ole hamburgers. Thanks for the great food Cozy and keep up the great work. 
Jenna Chaput <>
Salina, KS USA - Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 01:49:20 (EST)



Ordering merchandise online will be coming soon, probably in the next couple days! To order burgers, you still have to call into the store to get them shipped to you.
Ron Fancella <>
Clay Center, KS USA - Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 09:35:13 (EST)



This is a good hamburger site and we should be able to order online too..... Love You Shelly
Robert Gerleman <>
Salina, ks USA - Saturday, November 15, 2003 at 02:24:31 (EST)



Burgers are just my size. Love the web page.
Trinka Fancella <>
Manhattan, Ks USA - Thursday, November 13, 2003 at 19:10:06 (EST)



You guys have the best burgers in the world.
Ron <>
Salina, KS USA - Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 11:13:32 (EDT)



I grew up in Olathe, where I had a friend who through the years kept advising me to visit the Cozy Inn. "Dude: If you love sliders, you gotta get to Cozy." Despite his entreaties, and though I drove t hrough Salina countless times on trips out west, I was a foolish man and did not heed his advice. Years later, I found myself living in Brooklyn, New York, and on a recent visit back home, I finally made the trip. And what a long strange one it was. Cozy definitely lived up to my expectations. And after a three-hour drive back to the KC metro area, I could still smell the burgers on my clothes and in my hair. It is the sweetest cologne.
Adam Kuban <>
Brooklyn', NY USA - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 11:44:40 (EDT)



Both of my parents were from Salina. We used to drive up to Salina about every other week to visit family, including the grandparents, until about 1974 or so as many of the family members had passed on by then. Quite often we would get to eat at Cozy Inn. It was a truly fantastic experience to sit up at the counter and watch those little burgers being made, drink a bottle of orange Nehi (I didn't like Coke or Pepsi back then), and snarf down as many Cozy's I could. There also used to be fresh pies that were kept in the cupboards. Recently, my brother, two sisters and I went up to Salina together (we all live in Wichita except one sister who lives in St. Louis, MO but was visiting) to decorate our parent's and grandparents' graves, along with visit with our favorite aunt and cousin. This was the last time we saw our aunt, Jessie Swigart. At the young age of 95, she passed on recently. A spunkier, life-loving women has yet to be born. At this last time together, she and I sat beside each other in her kitchen where all of us (seven to be exact) enjoyed about 8 dozen Cozy's. Aunt Jessie and I also shared about 3-4 "grill-gunk" burgers...that's right, the scrapings from the grill. She loved onions of any kind and I love grilled onions...and something fun! On behalf of our father's family (the Lindeman's) and our mother's family (the Swigart's), thank you for showing the world the true meaning of tradition and devotion. I can't wait for my next memory at Cozy Inn. 
Ed Lindeman <>
Wichita', KS USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 20:59:44 (EDT)

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